Verici Dx plc-Final results timing

Verici Dx plc-Final results timing

Final results timing

Verici Dx plc (AIM: VRCI), a developer of advanced clinical diagnostics for organ transplant, announces that it expects to report its final results for the year ended 31 December 2022 before the end of May 2023.

Verici Dx remains on track to report the full data readout from its Clarava™ validation trial during Q2 2023.

As indicated in the March progress update announcement, the Company had a cash balance of $9.81m as at 31 December 2022, which is expected to provide a cash runway until mid-2024.

 About Verici Dx plc

Verici Dx is a developer of a complementary suite of leading-edge tests forming a kidney transplant platform for personalised patient and organ response risk to assist clinicians in medical wmanagement for improved patient outcomes. The underlying technology is based upon artificial intelligence assisted transcriptomic analysis to provide RNA signatures focused upon the immune response and other biological pathway signals critical for transplant prognosis of risk of injury, rejection and graft failure from pre-transplant to late stage.  The Company also has a mission to accelerate the pace of innovation by research using the fully characterised data from the underlying technology and collaboration with medical device, biopharmaceutical and data science partners.

The foundational research was driven by a deep understanding of cell-mediated immunity and is enabled by access to expertly curated collaborative studies in highly informative cohorts in kidney transplant.

Verici Dx's two lead products are Clarava™, a pre-transplant prognosis test for the risk of early acute rejection, and Tutivia™, a post-transplant test focused upon acute cellular rejection, including sub-clinical rejection. These products seek to measure how a patient is likely to respond, and is responding, to a kidney transplant. These products are underpinned by extensive patented and published scientific research from the leading Mount Sinai Medical Center, for which the Company holds an exclusive worldwide licence.

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