Verditek PLC – Successful First Stage CO2 Capture Test for WES

Verditek PLC – Successful First Stage CO2 Capture Test for WES

Verditek plc, (AIM: VDTK), the clean technology company, is pleased to update shareholders that Westec Environment Solutions (“WES”), in which it is a major investor, is moving into large scale CO2 carbon capture testing, marking a significant milestone on its route to commercialisation.

SINTEF, Westec Environmental Solutions and CMC Research Institutes’ Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute are working together on the INSPiRE project, to demonstrate the use of a proprietary precipitating solvent developed by SINTEF in the WES Regenerative Froth Contactor (RFC).  Completion of the first stage-gate included testing the solvent and RFC absorber at the SINTEF lab.

All required criteria were met, and the Steering Committee approved proceeding to the next stage, to include testing at the larger scale Tiller pilot plant in Trondheim, Norway. Particulars of the first stage of work will be presented at the GHGT-14 conference in Melbourne, Australia in October 2018.

The RFC technology developed at WES opens the door to significant size reductions and cost savings for post-combustion CO2 capture applications or H2S scrubbing of natural gas production. WES’ RFC technology will be used in the oil and gas sector, fine chemicals, pharma and cement production.

Geoff Nesbitt, CEO of Verditek plc said: “Working with SINTEF has been a privilege for WES. As one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations, and extremely well regarded by industry, SINTEF brings world-leading expertise and credibility to bear in any project. This is an important milestone in testing our technology and marks a significant step towards commercialisation. The results help validate the years of testing in our own pilot plant, as we move diligently towards delivering a new technology that can help make CO2 and H2S removal from any gas stream more economic to adopt. In this way we hope to help organisations comply with the global COP21 accord, and the IMO clean fuel initiatives.

Verditek remains dedicated to commercialising innovative clean technologies that can deliver significant competitive advantage compared to conventional industrial and residential solutions.”

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