SEEING MACHINES – DSS wins Business with Toll Mining Services

SEEING MACHINES – DSS wins Business with Toll Mining Services

Seeing Machines Limited a leading developer of advanced vision based industrial systems, announces a new contract for Driver State System with Toll Mining Services in Australia.  

Toll Mining Services is part of Toll Group the Asian region's leading provider of integrated logistics solutions. Toll has contracted Seeing Machines to implement its DSS across its road-going mining trucks at the CapCoal German Creek mine in the Bowen Basin, Queensland. This is the first deployment for the Toll Group.

The DSS is an active system that non-intrusively directly monitors the driver of a vehicle for distraction and fatigue events and provides a series of interventions aimed at managing these events and averting potential operator caused accidents. The in-truck system is wirelessly coupled to Seeing Machines DSSi, a real-time data transmission and analysis service that provides timely information to fleet dispatchers who can intervene and manage their drivers and vehicles effectively.

Ken Kroeger, CEO of Seeing Machines commented: "This contract is important as it represents a transitionary step from mining's off-highway haul trucks to road-going haul vehicles as Seeing Machines sees a huge opportunity in selling the DSS to the broader on highway trucking fleets. DSS is quickly earning a reputation for reducing driver distraction and drowsiness events and as result is leading to discussions with most of the global mining players that take mine safety seriously. Coupled with DSSi, we can offer our customers a service that allows them to take full advantage of our fatigue management expertise while providing Seeing Machines with ongoing service based revenues."

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