Sarantel Group plc NAL orders antennas for next generation tracking device

Sarantel Group plc NAL orders antennas for next generation tracking device

Sarantel Group PLC, a leading manufacturer of high-performance, miniature filtering antennas for mobile and wireless devices, has secured production orders for its second-generation Iridium antenna to equip the new SHOUT nano TS (Touch Screen), an ultra-low power two-way satellite messaging and personal tracking device developed by NAL Research Corporation.

The SHOUT nano TS builds on the success of its predecessor, the nano, and marks the third generation of SHOUT products designed with Sarantel's Iridium antenna. The nano TS adds a vibrant touch screen and incorporates a full QWERTY keyboard, which adapts to portrait or landscape orientation.

The device uses Iridium's short burst data service to provide location information, text messaging, and emergency e-mail alert notifications. The SHOUT nano TS is ideally suited for the harsh demands of military, government and commercial handheld tracking applications due to its global capability, compact size and rugged design.

Sarantel expects the order to generate in excess of $1.0m in revenue over the next three years.

Ngoc Hoang, President of NAL Research, said: "Sarantel has served us well through antenna design and supply in three generations of SHOUT messaging products. Sarantel's technology enables us to develop the smallest satellite terminals on the market, which meet the highest standards of our demanding military, governmental and commercial customers."

David Wither, CEO of Sarantel, said:
"NAL Research continues to lead the market in the development of satellite messaging terminals. The innovative nano TS introduces an interactive touch screen while offering a full set of features, in a high performance, compact rugged design. We are delighted that our relationship with the NAL Research team has continued through multiple generations of their world class hardware." 

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