Proteome Sciences PLC – Launch of new services powered by TMTpro 16plex

Proteome Sciences PLC – Launch of new services powered by TMTpro 16plex

Following the announcement of TMTpro 16plex isobaric mass tags during the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) meeting in Atlanta in June, Proteome Sciences is launching upgrades to its core proteomic services (SysQuant®, TMTcalibrator™ and Plasma Super Depletion) with increased multiplexing. Testing has shown that these new reagents perform equivalently to the current 11-plex TMT® in terms of the numbers of quantified peptides and proteins, whilst providing a 50% increase in the number of samples that can be analysed in a single experiment.

TMTpro is a completely re-designed set of isobaric mass tags developed and patented by Proteome Sciences, with multiple benefits over the previous TMT reagents. As well as offering five extra channels, the new chemistry also provides a 9-plex set of single-Dalton resolved tags for use with TMT complement ion quantification. In addition, the reporter ion is more readily fragmented and offers gains in signal-to-noise both in MS2 and MS3 analyses.

Adding TMTpro 16-plex reagents to standard service workflows will provide significant benefits to clients in both the size and speed of biomarker discovery projects.

Commenting on the announcement Dr Ian Pike, Chief Scientific Officer, said “We are delighted to be introducing TMTpro into our proprietary biomarker services. Proteome Sciences is the only contract research organisation able to provide clients access to the higher plexing rates and extended performance of TMTpro. This is a critical element enabling the power of proteomics to support larger cohort studies which will be increasingly necessary to deliver precision medicines.”

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