Petards, the AIM quoted listed developer of advanced surveillance systems, announces that Petards Joyce-Loebl has been awarded a major contract by the Ministry of Defence.

The contract, worth over £2.5m, is for the supply of Electronic Countermeasures equipment which will form part of an integrated Defensive Aids Suite to be installed on the UK helicopter fleet.  Deliveries are expected to be largely completed by the end of 2009.  The Defensive Aids Suite is designed to protect the aircraft from a range of ground launched missiles.

Electronic Countermeasures equipment supplied by Petards Joyce-Loebl is widely installed on the UK’s military aircraft fleet including the RAF’s C-130 J and K transport aircraft, Merlin Mk.3, Chinook Mk.2, 2A and 3, and Puma helicopters, the Royal Navy’s Sea King Mk.4 and Mk.7, Merlin Mk.1, and Lynx Mk.8 helicopters, and the British Army’s Lynx Mk.9 helicopters.

Petards Chief Executive Bill Conn said “We are delighted that the Ministry of Defence has selected Petards Joyce-Loebl to work with them to provide additional equipment to their helicopter fleet.  It is an indication of the value that they place on our expertise in electronic countermeasures which has been built up over 25 years.”

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