Pendulum: Spacewalk bridge released on Amplitude-BLUE STAR CAPITAL PLC

Pendulum: Spacewalk bridge released on Amplitude-BLUE STAR CAPITAL PLC

Pendulum announces Spacewalk bridge is released on Amplitude

Blue Star Capital plc (AIM: BLU), the investing company with a focus on esports, payments, technology and its applications within media and gaming, notes the recent update announcement made by Pendulum, a company incubated by Blue Star's investee company SatoshiPay, that its blockchain bridge connecting the Stellar and Polkadot networks, 'Spacewalk', is now live on Amplitude. 

Pendulum describes Spacewalk as a trust-minimised decentralised bridge that serves as a critical link that allows the Pendulum chain to leverage the vast array of fiat-backed stable tokens available on the Stellar blockchain, paving the way for the development of a fiat-based decentralised finance ecosystem. As the pioneering bridge connecting the Stellar network with the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems, Spacewalk enables the seamless transfer of stable tokens from Stellar.

Pendulum is committed to advancing foreign exchange ("Forex") trading into the blockchain space to integrate a tranche of the $6.6 trillion traded daily in Forex markets. It is hoped that the Spacewalk bridge will serve as a critical component providing the necessary stablecoin liquidity to facilitate Forex trading.

In future, it is expected that Spacewalk will be extended to other prominent blockchain networks such as Cosmos and Ethereum.  Pendulum consider that the importance of merging traditional finance with the cryptocurrency space is becoming increasingly acknowledged in the market.

Blue Star holds a 27.9 per cent. stake in SatoshiPay, and SatoshiPay has an interest of 5.5 per cent. of Pendulum's future PEN tokens.

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