Parkgreen PR Profile

Parkgreen PR Profile

Parkgreen Communications is a City based Financial Public Relations and Investor Relations consultancy which specialises in small growing AIM listed companies.

Parkgreen is a friendly and proactive company split into three teams, headed up by Paul McManus, Sue Scott and Ben Knowles at the helm of a dedicated Investor Relations team. The company looks after over 30 AIM listed companies with market caps ranging from under £10m to over £250m but the main focus is on sub £50m market cap companies looking to increase their profile within the City.

Parkgreen aims to increase the knowledge of and interest in its clients by focusing on four particular audiences:
1. The Financial Media
2. Private Client Brokers
3. Institutional Investors (alongside the company broker)
4. Sell-side research analysts

The staff at Parkgreen have many years experience of working with successful growing clients across all sectors and have a reputation for making sure that its clients stand out from the 1,700 companies listed on AIM.

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