OMG plc Yotta DCL signs £2.27m contract with the Highways Agency

OMG plc Yotta DCL signs £2.27m contract with the Highways Agency

OMG plc, the technology group providing image understanding products for the entertainment, defence, life science and engineering industries, is pleased to announce today that its Yotta DCL division, the UK's leading highway surveying company, has signed a four year contract with the option to renew for a further year with the Highways Agency.

The contract is expected to be worth £2.27m over the life of the contract. As part of the agreement, Yotta DCL will perform a Traffic Speed Condition Survey (TRACS) to determine the condition of the road surface, assess which areas are in particular need of repair and determine where immediate action needs to be taken. Over the life of the agreement, Yotta DCL will survey and monitor approximately 140,000km of motorway and other major roads across England.

During the bid process, Yotta DCL was awarded the highest score on the overall qualitative criteria used to select the successful bidder. Yotta DCL will use its new Tempest vehicles to carry out the survey and will also participate in the development of new algorithms to produce more accurate modelling of the road surface deterioration.

Discussing the contract win Nick Bolton, OMG plc Chief Executive said: "This is a great start to the year for Yotta DCL and we are delighted to be awarded this significant contract with the Highways Agency. At the time of our preliminary results, we highlighted the potential for our new Tempest vans. That potential has today become clear and this contract win is testament to Yotta DCL's technical superiority and progress."

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