Oxford Biodynamics opens clinical testing facility in the UK
to perform EpiSwitch® Prostate Screening (PSE) blood test


·    Clinical validation completed in OBD's clinical laboratory enabling immediate application of the EpiSwitch Prostate Screening (PSE) test

·    Expands OBD's testing capacity and significantly shortens the turnaround time for tests ordered in the UK

·    PSE provides a high accuracy second opinion for men receiving an accelerating or elevated PSA score

Oxford, UK - 3 April 2024 - Oxford BioDynamics, Plc (AIM: OBD, the Company), a biotechnology company developing precision medicine tests based on the EpiSwitch® 3D genomics platform, announces the completion of the clinical validation of its EpiSwitch Prostate Screening (PSE) test at the Company's newly commissioned ISO15189 UK clinical laboratory.

The launch of the 94% accurate1 precision medicine testing in the UK will cut in half the turnaround time for any PSE tests ordered by UK physicians.  The test has been available in the UK since September 2023 but until now all samples were sent to OBD's US CLIA-certified lab for analysis and reporting prior to the opening of this UK-based clinical facility.

"The commissioning of a new clinical lab and the validation of PSE testing within that laboratory is an important milestone for the company" said Thomas Guiel, Chief Operating Officer. "The immediate benefit for our clients in the UK will be the significant reduction in the elapsed time from receipt of an order to result, which will now be 5 days or less.  We are continually seeking to expand our markets and user base; having 2 labs will be necessary as demand grows for the PSE test."

EpiSwitch Prostate Screening test (PSE)

The PSE test combines the PSA score with five proprietary epigenetic biomarkers to predict, with 94% accuracy, the presence (or absence) of prostate cancer.1 Those with a PSE result of low likelihood of cancer can be placed on active surveillance and retested later without being referred for an invasive and often destructive biopsy. A high likelihood result would necessitate referral to a Urologist for further investigation.  This minimally invasive blood test is designed to be run alongside a standard PSA test to boost PSA's low sensitivity (64%) and low positive predictive value (25%).2 For each patient, the EpiSwitch technology captures personal epigenetic biomarkers that represent a systemic fingerprint of specific regulatory network changes associated with prostate cancer.1

Patients should speak to their doctor about ordering the PSE test (www.94percent.com).  Their doctor will submit a test requisition and arrange for a small sample of the patient's blood to be collected.  Test results will be returned to the ordering physician within five days after the blood sample is received in the laboratory.

Please contact Oxford BioDynamics client services anytime by emailing the team at pse.test@myobdx.com. More information may be found at www.94percent.com.

Validation for other EpiSwitch tests, including CiRT

OBD will soon begin validating its other marketed precision medicine clinical test, the EpiSwitch Checkpoint Inhibitor Response Test (CiRT) (www.mycirt.com) within this new UK facility.  The CiRT test is currently available in the UK, but testing is performed in OBD's US CLIA-certified facility.  The validation of CiRT will be completed over the coming months which will be an important advance for OBD's partners and customers in the UK, including its strategic partner, Bupa UK.

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