Notice of AGM and Posting of Annual Report-SURGICAL INNOVATIONS GROUP PLC

Notice of AGM and Posting of Annual Report-SURGICAL INNOVATIONS GROUP PLC

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Posting of 2022 Annual Report & Accounts

Surgical Innovations Group Plc (AIM: SUN), the designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative technology for minimally invasive surgery, confirms that the Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2022 ("2022 Annual Report") and the Notice of the 2023 Annual General Meeting ("AGM") have now been published and can be accessed via the "Investor Centre" section of the Company's website at: 

The 2022 Annual Report, the Notice of AGM and details voting by proxy has been posted to shareholders who have not consented to receive electronic communications.

Notice of AGM

The AGM is to be held Tuesday 27 June 2023 at 11:00 am at the Company's offices at Clayton Wood House, 6 Clayton Wood Bank, Leeds, LS16 6QZ and will consider the Resolutions set out in the Notice of AGM.

The Company's CEO David Marsh will also provide shareholders with a brief trading update after the formal business of the AGM concludes and there will be an opportunity for investors to ask questions. Investors can sign up to Investor Meeting Company ("IMC") for free and add to meet Surgical Innovations Group plc via:

Shareholders taking part via the IMC platform will not be able to speak or vote on the AGM resolutions. Shareholders are therefore strongly encouraged to exercise their voting rights by completing and submitting a Form of Proxy. It is highly recommended that Shareholders submit their Form of Proxy as early as possible to ensure that their votes are counted at the AGM. Shareholders are strongly encouraged to appoint the Chairman as your proxy to ensure that each Shareholder's vote will be counted in the event of restrictions on shareholders and proxies attending the AGM in person.

If you wish to attend the AGM in person and in your capacity as a shareholder wish to vote on the day, please bring proof of shareholding or if shares are held through a nominee account, a letter of representation, to facilitate your voting rights.

About Surgical Innovations Group plc

The Group specialises in the design, manufacture, sale and distribution of innovative, high quality medical products, primarily for use in minimally invasive surgery. Our product and business development is guided and supported by a key group of nationally and internationally renowned surgeons across the spectrum of minimally invasive surgical activity.

We design and manufacture and source our branded port access systems, surgical instruments and retraction devices which are sold directly in the UK home market through our subsidiary, Elemental Healthcare, and exported widely through a global network of trusted distribution partners. Many of our products in this field are based on a "resposable" concept, in which the products are part reusable, part disposable, offering a high quality and environmentally responsible solution at a cost that is competitive against fully disposable alternatives.

Elemental also has exclusive UK distribution for a select group of specialist products employed in laparoscopy, bariatric and metabolic surgery, hernia repair and breast reconstruction.

In addition, we design and develop medical devices for carefully selected OEM partners and have also collaborated with a major UK industrial partner to provide precision engineering solutions to complex problems outside the medical arena.

We aim for our brands to be recognised and respected by healthcare professionals in all major geographical markets in which we operate and provide by development, partnership or acquisition a broad portfolio of cost effective, procedure specific surgical instruments and implantable devices that offer reliable solutions to genuine clinical needs in the operating theatre environment.

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