The role of Nominated Advisers

A Nomad is responsible for advising and guiding a company on its responsibilities in relation to its admission to AIM as well as its continuing obligations once on market.

A NOMAD is generally an investment bank, a corporate finance or accountancy firm approved to act in the capacity of a NOMAD by the London Stock Exchange.
It is important a company choses a NOMAD firm with relevant sector experience and understands the business. It is likely that an AIM company will have a long and close relationship with their NOMAD.
An AIM company can change its NOMAD firm as circumstances arise but must retain a NOMAD throughout its time on the AIM or main market.

A NOMAD's role is important as they support and guide companies to achieve their growth potential. A NOMAD will also help companies provide an assessment of their business and prospects for investors. Their regulatory role ensures a company meets its on-going obligations and a NOMAD will safeguard the integrity of the market. Strict criteria are in place for becoming an approved NOMAD ensuring companies have access to the high-quality advice they deserve.

To help fulfil this role, the Nomad will:

  • Undertakes due diligence to determine whether the company and directors are suitable for AIM
  • Prepares the company for life on a public market and provides support in appointing team of advisers
  • Co-ordinates the preparation of the admission document which details the company’s investment proposition
  • Confirms to London Stock Exchange that the company is appropriate for AIM
  • Acts as the primary regulator throughout a company’s time on AIM by ensuring the company continues to understand its obligations under the AIM Rules
  • Gives corporate finance advice in relation to transactions whilst on AIM.

The following lists the NOMADs that currently represent AIM companies, their details include the number of companies represented, the sectors in which they are active and their contact details. You will see limited information unless you are registered on the site, this can be done for FREE here.