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At we value all news about AIM companies and the AIM market. If you have an item you feel is important and of interest to investors, companies, Nomads, brokers etc then you can send it to our newsdesk at We will not post articles that cast a third party view or opinion about a company or subject ie share-tip or similar recommendation that may affect the performance of a company on the market unless supplied by an FSA or LSE regulated source. We will always check the credibility and provenance of an article particularly if it is part of an announcement and we may contact you to find out more. Due to the volume of market news we cannot guarantee to publish your article on the site but will always endeavor to accommodate. We post news once a day – 9.00am - our cutoff for stories is 3pm for the next working morning. We will continually review our posting policy according to volume of news. If you have any queries or would like to speak to someone on our newsdesk please email or call +44(0) 1943 603319.