N4 Pharma PLC – Covid-19 Project Update

N4 Pharma PLC – Covid-19 Project Update

Further to the Company's announcement on 16 April 2020, N4 Pharma Plc (AIM: N4P), the specialist pharmaceutical company developing Nuvec®, a novel delivery system for cancer treatments and vaccines, is pleased to provide an update on the progress of its Covid-19 proof of concept work for Nuvec®.

As previously announced, the Company appointed Evotec International Gmbh ("Evotec") to undertake the Nuvec® proof of concept work. The Company can confirm that the first phase of the project has been carried out, within the expected timeframe, and that the plasmid DNA has been successfully amplified to produce sufficient material for the rest of the project and has been tested to confirm it matches the required specification. Evotec has also used this batch of the plasmid DNA to express the Covid-19 spike protein to be used as a positive control for the studies. Evotec will now move to the second phase of the work and start the in-vitro testing of Nuvec® as planned, during the first week of June 2020. This phase is expected to last approximately ten weeks.

The third phase of the in-vivo protein expression testing will be to undertake an initial pre in-vivo study to demonstrate expression of the spike protein in target cells in a murine target. Following the recent fundraise, announced on 13 May 2020, the Company is now also exploring ways in which it can bring forward the start of certain areas of this third phase to run alongside the in-vitro work.

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