LiDCO signs licensing agreement for non-invasive blood pressure technology

LiDCO signs licensing agreement for non-invasive blood pressure technology

LiDCO Group Plc, the UK-based hemodynamic monitoring company, announces the signing of a licensing and commercial collaboration agreement with CNSystems Medizintechnik AG (CNSystems), Graz, Austria. This collaboration will provide LiDCO with a continuous non-invasive blood pressure (CNIBP) module that can be integrated with the existing LiDCOrapid monitor.

This integrated CNIBP module will provide continuous non-invasive blood pressure data from a simple to use dual finger sensor. The technology willbe quick to set up, completely non-invasive and is applicable to the 80% of surgery patients who do not have an existing arterial blood pressure catheter. The addition of this technology potentially doubles the number of major surgery patients suitable for fluid and hemodynamic monitoring that could be addressed with the LiDCOrapid. The development is expected to complete in approximately one year and will be funded by LiDCO. The existing base of monitors will be able to use the CNIBP module with a simple software upgrade.

Dr Terry O'Brien, CEO LiDCO Group Plc., stated "LiDCO is committed to the integration of existing technologies into a more convenient to use single multi-parameter platform.  We have previously announced that we will integrate the depth of anesthesia parameter into the LiDCOrapid monitor.  We are delighted, now, to announce that we will also now add CNSystems continuous non-invasive blood pressure functionality.  This convergence development pathway should bring a significant competitive advantage over older, less comprehensive monitors.

"Advanced fluid monitoring of elective surgery patients has been identified in a recent report from the NHS Improvement and Efficiency Directorate as a target for a national drive to move towards full adoption throughout the UK.  There are 800,000 patients a year in the UK who are applicable for such advanced monitoring, but less than 10% are currently monitored.  As detailed in the Directorate's report full adoption would potentially save the NHS up to £400 million per annum. We anticipate the additional functionality will further increase disposable use in both the existing and future installed base of LIDCOrapid monitors.  Major operations such as colorectal surgery, where use of invasive arterial lines is less common, will become highly suitable candidates for LiDCOrapid monitoring.  The addition of non-invasive blood pressure monitoring takes the worldwide major surgery market potential to approximately 10.5 million patients per annum with a resulting disposable revenue stream of approximately US$1.6 billion per annum."

For CNSystems, CEO Dr Juergen Fortin commented "The cooperation with LiDCO is the logical next step after the successful validation of our continuous non-invasive blood pressure technology CNAP® in critically ill patients.  Analysing data from more than 600 patients in several applications both in anaesthesia and intensive care, we have demonstrated that our technology is painless, easy-to-use and highly accurate in comparison to invasive arterial blood pressure.  Our finger sensor produces true blood pressure readings, which can now be used for processing further hemodynamic parameters with the LiDCOrapid monitor.  The cooperation with LiDCO is the move to the high-risk surgery market and to a new business generating recurring revenue streams."

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