Leyshon Resources Limited (LRL)

Leyshon Resources Limited (LRL)

Leyshon Resources Limited is pleased to announce that it is considering a proposed secondary listing on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

The Hong Kong market is the leading international marketplace for securities and derivatives products with focuses on Hong Kong, Mainland China and the rest of Asia.  SEHK ranked number nine among the world major exchanges in term of equity turnover in the year 2007 with a reported total equity turnover of US$2,139 billion in 2007.

As reported in the first quarterly report of the SEHK, as at 31 March 2008, 1,055 and 189 companies were listed on the Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market of the SEHK respectively with a total market capitalisation of about HK$16,937.9 billion.  The average daily turnover value on the SEHK for the three months ended 31 March 2008 reached HK$98.7 billion.

The principal business of Leyshon is gold mining in the People’s Republic of China.  It has commenced development of a major gold mine in Heilongjiang province in North Eastern China by way of a sino foreign joint venture with one of China’s respected geological institutes, the Qiqiha’er Brigade of the Heilongjiang Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources.  The mine is expected to start production by the end of 2009 with an estimated annual output in excess of 100,000 ounces of gold.

Hong Kong, being part of Mainland China, is a natural choice for companies with substantial businesses and operations in China seeking a listing on an internationally recognised market.  The Directors are of the view that the proposed listing of Leyshon on the SEHK, an internationally recognized stock exchange with a strong legal system, sound regulatory framework and high liquidity, will enable it to expand its shareholder base and fund-raising opportunities, in particular in the rapidly growing Asian market. 

Leyshon has appointed Somerley Limited as its financial adviser in regard to the proposed secondary listing.  Founded in 1984, Somerley Limited is a specialist financial services company based in Hong Kong with a proven track record of providing professional corporate finance advisory services in the areas of IPO, secondary issues, mergers and acquisitions and specialised financial advice.

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