IronRidge Resources Limited – Exploration Update

IronRidge Resources Limited – Exploration Update

IronRidge Resources Limited (AIM: IRR), the African focussed minerals exploration company, is pleased to announce that additional X-Ray Diffraction (‘XRD’) analysis of metallurgical composites reaffirms spodumene as the dominant lithium mineral phase; one of several targets within the Cape Coast Lithium Portfolio, located in Ghana, West Africa. 


  • Additional X-Ray Diffraction (‘XRD’) results returned for metallurgical test-work on gravity concentrates and residues reaffirm spodumene as the dominant lithium mineral phase in all ten (10) composites analysed.
  • Majority of lithium reports to spodumene providing confidence in simple process flow-sheet design and good customer acceptance; very low level to trace amounts of undesirable petalite, eucryptite, lepidolite and amblygonite observed.
  • Very low level to trace lithium phases reporting in residue material; minimal lithium losses to waste envisaged.
  • Good spread of tested metallurgical composites across the Ewoyaa deposit footprint; provides confidence in continuity of spodumene dominant mineralogy with simplified process flowsheet and mine planning envisioned. 

References to figures relate to this release are available in PDF format by clicking the link below:  

Commenting on the Company’s latest progress, Len Kolff, Chief Operating Officer of IronRidge, said:  

“We are delighted that the XRD results for ten of our metallurgical composites continue to confirm spodumene as the dominant lithium mineral phase, with little to no contamination and consistency across all samples tested. 

“This re-confirms results from the initial metallurgical test-work and provides further confidence in favourable spodumene consistency across the deposit footprint.

“All results to date point towards a simplified process flow-sheet design with remarkable mineralogical consistency in all ten metallurgical composites analysed.”

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