Integumen PLC – Rollout of Labskin AI Software as a Service begins

Integumen PLC – Rollout of Labskin AI Software as a Service begins

Integumen plc (AIM: SKIN), is pleased to announce the roll-out of Labskin AI, a cloud-based digital life science, automation management tool.

Labskin AI is an integrated ‘laboratory to market’ collaboration and partnership management services platform. The digital automation workflow tools are an extension to the physical Labskin laboratory grown human skin-testing services for the cosmetics, wound care, health care, personal care and pharma industries.

Clients of Labskin AI can access both the digital and physical end to end clinical test automation services. Internet of Things (IoT) and artificially intelligent data analytics open a global network of IoT enabled service providers and their clinical test laboratory equipment to small, medium and large buyers of these services who subscribe to Labskin AI.

According to Market & Markets, the global laboratory equipment services market is expected to be worth $11.51 Billion USD by 2021 growing at 10% per year. Currently most of this equipment is operating in isolation. Labskin AI software platform has been designed to digitally connect, integrate and enable clinical service providers and their laboratory equipment and offer their services directly to Labskin AI subscriber clients.

Teams of skin, wound, health, personal care and pharma scientists in a single company or in multiple companies can innovate, collaborate and co-develop life science projects remotely through a common user portal on Labskin AI. Test results are displayed in real-time, from multiple service and product development partners, all on the same platform.


  • Lowers the cost of access to high cost equipment for small innovative scientific teams
  • Clients pick and choose clinical trial and product test expertise from multiple service providers
  • Real-time results allow changes mid-way through product development cycle
  • Innovation productivity increased by contracting state-of-the-art equipment or specialist teams
  • Faster product development, commercialisation and product to market

Gerard Brandon (Chief Executive Officer) commented:

“Digital workflows, powered by artificial intelligence, have transformed global industries. Life science and Integumen are right on the cusp of this revolution.

The blending of Labskin AI digital software, designed for collating, structuring, analysing of experimental data, and the physical “wet lab” science, enabled by automation, delivers a seamless transfer of data from clinical service providers, right through to the buyers of clinical test services.

This merger of digital – simulation – and physical – execution – is transforming the experimental and data analytics approach to life science. Labskin AI is the life science equivalent of Airbnb, offering remote contract rental of laboratory equipment from services providers to buyers of those clinical test services.”

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