Inspirit Energy Holdings PLC – Half-year Report

Inspirit Energy Holdings PLC – Half-year Report

Inspirit Energy Holdings PLC (AIM: INSP), the developer of micro Combined Heat and Power (microCHP) boilers, is pleased to announce its interim accounts for the six months ended 31 December 2018. The interim financial information document will also be available on the Company’s website

Chairman’s Statement:

During the period, the Group has continued to advance its microCHP boiler closer towards the goal of commercialisation. To this end, improvements to the design of the Group’s Stirling engine technology, including simplification as part of the ‘design for manufacture’ process and meeting the challenges in new technology development, sourcing cheaper materials and efficiency re-redesign, has resulted in further delays to the certification process although we hope to progress forward with a higher output and cheaper cost base product latter his year.

The Group has continued discussions with a European company that may carry out the certification process, with the new cheaper but robust material employed in the latest model, and advanced manufacturing processes as and when the product is approved for production.

As mentioned previously, the applicable market for our technology is global, either as a boiler replacement product or as an add-on to an existing commercial plant room. In the UK there are in excess of 20 million gas boilers installed and more than 1.6 million new and replacement domestic gas boilers are installed each year. This is in addition to almost 300,000 commercial boiler installations each year. Europe as a whole has approximately 70 million boilers installed. These are the first markets to which our technology is applicable.

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