Imeka Collaboration Agreement


IXICO plc (AIM: IXI), the medical imaging advanced analytics company delivering intelligent insights in neuroscience, announces a collaboration agreement with IMEKA Solutions Inc. ("Imeka") to provide access to Imeka's suite of services for white matter1 imaging deployed in Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) clinical trials, amongst other CNS indications.

Imeka's diffusion MRI algorithms will be made available to IXICO's global biopharma clients, streamlining access to these tools through a combined study delivery.  With a single contracting line, this simplifies the procurement process whilst improving access to a broader suite of white matter imaging AI tools and solutions delivered by IXICO.  White matter imaging is of increasing interest for neuroinflammation, axonal integrity and myelin integrity, in particular in AD and MS clinical trials amongst other CNS indications.


Giulio Cerroni, Chief Executive Officer of IXICO, commented:

''We are pleased to be partnering with Imeka to further the understanding of debilitating neurological diseases through the power of advanced imaging technology, in the hope that our partnership will bring clarity and accessibility to previously untapped possibilities of image analysis."

Jean-René Bélanger, Chief Executive Officer of Imeka, commented:

"We are delighted to contribute to IXICO's outstanding imaging CRO services. Our collaboration reflects a shared commitment to integrating advanced imaging technologies into treatment development. By offering Imeka's expertise into IXICO's, we anticipate the emergence of new opportunities that will ultimately enhance patient care and provide significant benefits to patients and their families."

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