HomeSend wins agreement with Lycamoney

HomeSend wins agreement with Lycamoney

eServGlobal announces the launch of new mobile remittance corridors for the HomeSend service following an agreement between its strategic business partner BICS and Lycamoney, the financial services division of Lycamobile UK and affiliate of the multinational operator group, Lycatel. The new corridors are between the UK, Morocco and the Philippines.

Lycatel is one of the leading MVNO's in Europe with over 6 million customers and a particular focus on providing services to the pre-paid international immigrant and expatriate community, the most likely to use mobile money and international remittance services. UK migrant workers sent home over $1.2Bn in 2009, according to the World Bank

Lycamoney provides subscribers with a domestic mobile money solution, extending this scheme to offer international remittance is a natural progression. With a base of users in a developed world market, Lycamoney is expected to bring sending power to the HomeSend hub.

HomeSend continues to set the standard for international interoperability in mobile money transfer by creating a seamless connection between a variety of mobile money systems and financial institutions around the world. The HomeSend mobile remittance hub service is offered by BICS and based on eServGlobal's technology. BICS is a leading global provider of Voice, Messaging, Roaming, Connectivity and Mobile Financial Services.

HomeSend, which benefits from a first mover advantage, is the only mobile-centric international remittance hub endorsed by the GSMA, with remittance corridors operating between countries including the UK, Qatar, the Philippines, Pakistan, Belgium, Ghana and Morocco.

About eServGlobal

eServGlobal specializes in Mobile Money solutions and Value-Added Services (VAS), to help Mobile Service Providers increase their revenue and gain and maintain customer ownership. eServGlobal invests heavily in product development, using carrier-grade, next-generation technology and aligning with the requirements of more than 75 customers in over 55 countries.

For more than 25 years mobile and financial service providers have used eServGlobal solutions to lead and innovate in their local markets, leveraging their core assets and their trusted agent and subscriber relationships.

With 13 offices globally, eServGlobal provides full "end-to-end" and "any account to any account" Mobile Money Services and International Remittance Services. The HomeSend solution is the only mobile-centric international remittance hub to gain endorsement from the GSM Association. The HomeSend Certification Program ensures security and interoperability by certifying domestic mobile wallet providers, money transfer organizations, and financial service providers to connect to the hub.

eServGlobal's Value-Added Services in promotions, loyalty and messaging enable service providers to engage with their subscribers in a personalized and dynamic manner.

To reduce time-to market and to meet the needs of operators and banks, eServGlobal provides multiple licensing alternatives as well as SaaS-based products and services.

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