IPO Branding

“All our factories and facilities could burn down tomorrow but you’d hardly touch the value of the company; all of that actually lies in the goodwill of our brand franchise and the collective knowledge in the company.”

Roberto Goizueta, late CEO of Coca-Cola

The Importance of Brand

As a savvy and successful trading company you’ll know the importance of solid branding. When it comes to flotation on the AIM market this element of your business become all more important because all of a sudden you have put your business firmly ‘in the public domain’. Investors in the AIM market will scrutinise your company and brand sentiment plays an important part of this ‘diligence’.

Your brand defines many aspects of your business including:

  • personality
  • history
  • values
  • aspirations

Investors seek companies that have track record and that are established, they need to see confidence in your company, only then will they consider whether or not to invest. Ensuring your brand is ‘solid’ plays a major part in this whether you are:

  • an existing company coming to market
  • a completely new company floting on AIM
  • or a company taking over an AIM shell

A brand can take many forms, it can simply be a logo mark or more often it can be collection of assets including fonts, imagery & graphic flourishes. At AIMListing we work closely with a leading Brand Agency, using tried and tested methods:

  • Brand Audit – examines your current branding and understands it’s current structure and message
  • Brand Sentiment – we research what your brand ‘means’ to customers and potential investors
  • Brand Targets – define what we need your brand to do for you
  • New Brand or Brand Re-fresh – we either create a new Brand or give your current one a ‘make-over’
  • Brand Guardians – we work with you to establish brand guidelines, protecting your brand integrity, building confidence for your team and equally importantly your potential investors.

Perhaps you are a new entrant wishing to create a strong brand or an established organisation wanting to revitalise an existing brand. Then again, you may simply be wanting to refresh your corporate image. Whatever the challenge, get in touch with us on 01943 603319 and we’ll can arrange an informal chat with our creative or brand strategy team about your plans and needs.