Directa Plus PLC – AGM Statement

Directa Plus PLC – AGM Statement

Directa Plus (AIM: DCTA), a leading producer and supplier of graphene nanoplatelets based products for use in consumer and industrial markets, will make the following statement at the Company's Annual General Meeting taking place in London today.

The Company continues to make good progress on its strategy to use its pristine graphene nanoplatelets to enhance customers' existing products and to move up the value chain.  Directa Plus partners initially with Italian based multinationals to create reference products before leveraging that experience to enter wider global markets.  The Company focuses on four key vertical markets: textiles, environmental, composites and elastomers.

In textiles, workwear continues to grow with new applications, new materials and new territories.  In the luxury sector, the Company and its key customer in the space are planning to launch the first textile enhanced by Directa Plus's G+ technology at the 29th Milano Unica exhibition at the beginning of July.  Following the launch of a G+ enhanced denim last year, the Company is evaluating potential new collaborations to gain increased market presence.

In the environmental segment, the Company is planning to offer a full decontamination service for its Grafysorber® pollutant adsorber product to international oil and gas and marine markets.  Offering a full service to these markets would allow Directa Plus to capture significant additional value for shareholders.

Finally, in composites and elastomers, the Company's asphalt additive and retread tyres respectively are gaining considerable market traction with important trials expected to commence or complete this year.  The asphalt additive, Ecopave, has new trial sections of highway scheduled to be laid in the following months in Italy, UK, USA and Oman.  The testing of retread tyres on a passenger bus in Milan is almost complete and final results are expected by the beginning of September.

Commenting, Giulio Cesareo, Founder and CEO of Directa Plus, said: "2019 has started well for us with our strategy continuing to deliver and we expect to make good progress in all of our key vertical markets.  Our international footprint is expanding - the visibility of Directa Plus and our products in the world's largest market for graphene, the United States, has increased materially as a result of our initiatives with the US Graphene Association.  We look forward to reporting in more detail on our progress at the time of our half year results in September."

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