Commissioning AIM Company Research

AIM Research notes can play a key role in an investors decision whether to invest (or NOT) in your AIM quoted company.

AIM Research is generally commissioned to offer an independent review of your companies’ performance over a long or short period. The research note will rarely offer a specific recommendation, rather spell out the facts and key drivers that would influence a potential investor to make the decision to invest in your AIM company. Analysts will often look back and inevitably forward, speculating as to how your company is expected to perform over the next financial period. AIM Research comprises of a variety of publications from single page ‘bulletins’ that respond to a significant company event or change, through to larger multi-page pieces that respond to the Reports & Accounts or Annual General Meeting (AGM).

This valuable AIM research is distributed to brokers and released on the investor relations part of your website for investors.

Key to a good research note, is a good analysts. You require analysts that understand your sector and the competition in your market territory.

Good research notes come from a research house that really ‘knows’ your company, and the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is generally true.

There are a large variety of Research Houses in the market place from small to large teams, both can offer very high quality research so don’t always assume bigger is better, quite often the smaller teams will be closer to the market, be more dedicated and/or specialist.

As an independent source, we do not write research notes, we favour pooling the best of the best for distribution on We are also well place to advise you as to who you would be best engaging with if you are looking for research notes to be written on your AIM Company.

If you would like to know a little more, please drop us a note below. One of our team will come back to help you find the appropriate research partners.

    Research Enquiry

    We have a selection of notes written about a variety of AIM companies available to view and download.

    When advanced search panel to find AIM companies, ensure you select ‘Research Available’ in the ‘more filters’ section to find companies on which we have research.