CAP-XX develops Stop-Start Automotive Supercapacitor module.

CAP-XX develops Stop-Start Automotive Supercapacitor module.

CAP-XX is pleased to announce that it has developed a supercapacitor module for use in automotive Stop-Start applications, which provides significant performance improvements relative to battery-only systems.   This application for CAP-XX's supercapacitor technology represents an important market opportunity, as vehicle manufacturers increasingly adopt Stop-Start systems to reduce vehicle emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

CAP-XX's supercapacitor module removes the dependence of the Stop-Start system on the vehicle's lead-acid battery to supply cranking current to start the engine.  CAP-XX has shown that in extended testing its module reduces wear on the battery, which is a common failing of existing systems. Batteries in many of the existing systems may have a functional life of as little as 18 months because of the intensive demands made on the battery.  As an additional benefit,  the CAP-XX module also provides superior engine starting performance in cold weather, and can be used as an energy store for regenerative braking systems where fitted.

The CAP-XX Stop-Start module is being tested under the New European Drive Cycle standard, and has so far completed 100,000 Stop-Start cycles at room temperature, with minimal wear on battery performance.  During the test, the CAP-XX module has maintained the battery voltage above 11.8 volts, providing a very reliable voltage platform for the vehicle electrical systems.  Comparative tests of a battery-only system, also at room temperature, show a drop to below 10 volts during the start cycle, after only 44,000 Stop-Start cycles. According to a leading European vehicle manufacturer 10V is regarded as the minimum voltage for reliable Stop-Start vehicle performance.

CAP-XX is now seeking partners to commercialise its technology globally via a Tier-1 automotive component supplier.

In a separate development, ST Micro has launched an integrated supercapacitor driver integrated circuit in collaboration with Murata, CAP-XX's manufacturing partner, and OSRAM.  More information is available at

Anthony Kongats, CAP-XX Chief Executive said: "We are delighted with the results of these extended Stop-Start tests, which clearly demonstrate the performance advantages available from a supercapacitor-enhanced system. In particular, the CAP-XX solution addresses the shortcomings in terms of battery life of current generation of battery-only systems.  We believe that the automotive sector provides a significant market opportunity for supercapacitors, whilst the ongoing work by Murata reinforces our confidence in mobile handset applications."

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