Bluejay Mining PLC – 2019 Exploration Programme at Disko-Nuussuaq

Bluejay Mining PLC – 2019 Exploration Programme at Disko-Nuussuaq

Bluejay Mining Plc, the AIM and FSE listed company with projects in Greenland and Finland, is pleased to provide an update on its licensed 2,776km2 Disko-Nuussuaq Magmatic Massive Sulphide Nickel-Copper-Platinum Project in West Greenland.

  • >20 large-scale drill ready targets identified on licence holdings recently expanded following further exploration from 2,556 km2 to 2,776 km2
  • 2019 work programme designed to refine both new and previously defined drill targets by;
    - Reprocessing and validating historical data; and
    - Acquiring new geophysical and geochemical data 
  • Licence area aerial survey using AustinBridgeporth's Lockheed Martin developed Enhanced Full Tensor Gradiometer Gravity ('eFTG') technology
  • Work to augment geological understanding of Disko includes;
    - Reprocessing original Titan 24 survey data from six survey areas
    - Magnetic, photogrammetric and hyperspectral imaging surveys
    - Spatiotemporal Geochemical Hydrocarbon ('SGH') survey
    - Mobile Metal Ions survey ('MMI')
    - Geological field work
  • Grab samples from the historical Igdlukunguaq Gossan assayed 1.9% Cu, 3.3% Ni, and 1.1% Cu, 2.8% Ni, confirming the previously identified existence of a massive sulphide system
  • Site visit undertaken recently identifying significant and multiple nickel/copper gossans in the licence area
  • Multiple occurrences of nickel and copper sulphide bearing boulders identified throughout licence holdings
  • Prospectivity of area highlighted by major mining companies recently acquiring c.10,000 km2 of licence area surrounding Disko

Bluejay CEO Roderick McIllree said: "As the Dundas Ilmenite Project moves through permitting, joint assessment and ultimately construction, Bluejay is now able to redirect its exploration focus to the Disko and Nuussuaq area in West Greenland.  This is recognised by the geological community as being highly prospective for metals including nickel, copper, cobalt and Platinum Group Metals ('PGMs').  Historic surface sampling on the Disko licence has already confirmed a working sulphide system with initial chemical assays in oxidised surface material returning 2.02% nickel, 0.8% copper and 0.2% cobalt.  Further to this, additional handheld XRF sampling on fresh, polished material from the gossan zones returned values averaging between 4.6%-9.3% nickel & 1.5-2.8% copper. 

"Disko's work programme for 2019 will refine and validate all defined drill targets through a combination of modern reprocessing techniques and the acquisition of new geophysical and geochemical data, including the exciting eFTG survey. 

"Significantly for Bluejay, confidence in the Disko-Nuussuaq region hosting a large nickel-copper district, analogous to the Noril'sk District in Siberia, increases with every newly acquired piece of data.  Importantly, Bluejay is a first mover in this strategic district, currently holding 2,776 km2 of highly prospective and readily accessible licence area.  Since early 2019, nearly 10,000 km2 of ground has since been claimed, essentially surrounding Bluejay's holdings.  It appears others are now also of the view that this region has the potential to host a significant discovery.  The 2019 field programme at Disko will lay the groundwork to refine our more than 20 drill targets and will hopefully ultimately make a major discovery for our shareholders."  

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