AIM Research Notes

Independent AIM Research Notes

Research notes can play a key role in your decision whether to invest (or NOT) in an AIM quoted company.

A Research Note is generally commissioned by the AIM company to offer an independent review of the companies performance over a long or short period. The research note will rarely offer a specific recommendation, rather spell out the facts and key drivers that would influence a potential investor to make a trading decision. They will often look back and inevitably forward, speculating as to how the company is expected to perform over the next financial period. This research note is distributed to brokers and usually released on the company website.

As an independent source we are able to pool research notes from a variety of sources to allow you to easily digest in one place.

If you are an AIM Company interested in commissioning independent research please read more HERE.

The following lists the AIM Companies for which we currently have independent research. All notes are available to download for free to our members, join for FREE Here.