Launched on Wednesday April 16th, would-be investors on the Alternative Investment Market [AIM] will now have access to a new source of comprehensive sector information, thanks to the vision and entrepreneurial flair of company director Clive Allen.

Allen, the senior partner of Westbrook Creative, the Design and Marketing Agency, which he established over fourteen years ago, recognised the demand and business potential for such a site and will run it as a totally independent venture. His own research with AIM companies made a compelling case, which was also recognised by some big financial hitters. launches Wednesday.   

Top flight companies Redmayne Bentley, Hanson Westhouse, Yorkshire Bank, Holland Bendelow, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Abchurch Communications are giving their support to the new facility by contributing their latest available data and by actively working to promote the web site. 

In a recent independent survey, over 500 of the AIM quoted companies were polled.  75% of those responding to the survey felt that it should be easier to provide public investment information and feel that they are not having their needs met. Over 75% already use their website as a means of communication with investors, but around 30% feel they would use AIMListing as the single source of information for their company.  Nearly 25% were confident that it will reach new investors. The companies surveyed said that having an ‘independent’ central source of information will be valuable to both themselves and potential investors.

Clive Allen, Director says: “This recent research with AIM companies brought home to me the very great need for a workable, independent live site that is for the benefit of everyone involved in the volatile financial markets. AIM companies are finding it increasingly harder to market themselves and get their assets in front of investors.  This new site brings all the AIM companies together in one place, the information is just a click away.  My concept is for to be the ultimate destination for all, the 1730 active AIM members, would be investors, brokers etc, giving them the first opportunity to have a choice of meaningful independent listings, up to date news and a real source of vital information.”

The new site will carry comprehensive and key information about all active AIM companies; daily updates of market, financial and company news and views; Advise and information about floatations; advice and information about investing; listings of NOMADS, primary brokers and market advisers.

Simon Flather, Redmayne-Bentley, comments: ‘In the current climate we as stockbrokers, know it is paramount to have access to accurate and timely information about all companies listed on AIM.  Although it is possible to locate information from existing websites, such as those of the London Stock Exchange or the individual companies themselves, we find it hard to assimilate the essential strands. We need to access all the information an investor requires from one source and becomes that invaluable tool for investors and a real boon to the sector. We are proud to be associated with this exciting and essential new venture,” he added.

Each company choosing to have a full listing on the new site can self administer its entry so, again for the first time ever, all information can be up to the minute accurate.

John McGhee, Senior Partner, Yorkshire Bank Leeds said, “This exciting and innovative web-site will give our Members, professional advisors and any potential investors instant access to all the information on every AIM company, something that has not been available before.  A real boon to the sector, I think it has terrific potential”.

Graham Redman, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers says: “Anyone with interests in AIM will find the website the ultimate one stop shop they need.  It has details of all the companies quoted on AIM and is very informative on the benefits of investing in AIM companies as well as providing details of the issues surrounding floating on AIM. It is well worth a browse.”
From February last year, all companies quoted on AIM were required to maintain a current IR website (AIM Rule 26), giving and maintaining up to date details of their company, directors, annual reports and other financial information. So in addition to providing a vital service to all members, the new website initiative offers direct links to companies’ own sites - enabling a rapid and instant appraisal of investment potential.

As the site progresses there will be many more facilities launched over the next few months, all geared to assisting the crucial choice of the appropriate adviser, investment opportunity and expertise. 

Sarah Hollins, Director, Abchurch Communications, says: "As a leading communications adviser to growth companies, we recognise the importance of AIM companies effectively marketing themselves to investors and fully support this new initiative.   A listing is also a one-off opportunity to raise capital and profile so it is crucial to select the right adviser team with the right level of expertise.  This site will provide vital information and advice to companies planning this route and we also recognise the benefit of working closely alongside local adviser communities in the UK and overseas.”

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