Annual Report Design & Creation

We can take it as a given that reams of accounts, stats, figures and more can be a tough starting point when creating an engaging document for your investors and stakeholders. Achieving creative excellence to any financial document, from annual reports to impact or strategy reports requires a combination of clear financial reporting, engaging graphic design and high quality delivery whether that be digital or print.

If we take Annual Reports as an example, these all tend to be structured at their core in the same way. There is a good reason for this in that investors, the board and stakeholders expect an AIM company accounts to be delivered in a particular way, that's the way it's always been done. But change can be good.

There is no reason why the top & tail of your AIM Report & Accounts can't be more creative and in turn more inspiring and engaging to investors. The same applies to any financial document within your remit that reaches the public domain, why shouldn't it reflect the dynamism of your brand.

No longer is a financial document an in-animate piece of paper. With the development of digital technology, your R&As can be interactive digital documents; they can be protected, feature video content, links to yours to any website and much more. This previously sometimes laborious to digest document, can now be really quite an exciting piece to engage with, this technology is now wholly at your fingertips. With the AIM market now widening its global appeal, the opportunity to deliver your financial documents in multilingual formats is now not an unreasonable possibility.

At AIMListing, our creatively lead, financial design team bring together strong content structure, outstanding creative design and meticulous production to deliver engaging and inspiring financial documents. With over 25 years in the creative industry, our experience ranges from global banking firms to SMEs, reporting to the highest standards and to the largest audiences.

We bridge the gap between traditional reporting and the newest digital communications ensuring we provide you the most appropriate solution for your investor audience.

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